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XenServer NIC Status Shows "Disconnected" in XenCenter Despite Known Physically Active/Connected State


When viewing a XenCenter host's NICs in the NIC tab, you may notice that some network interface cards display themselves as "Disconnected". You believe these interfaces are indeed connected to the physical network.  What to do?


1) Double check physical network connection, ensure physical connection/link at the switch level – ensure this is not a bad patch cable, or physical cabling issue

2) You can easily view Ethernet interfaces in XSconsole to verify which interfaces are listed as "disconnected" eg. "eth4", "eth1", etc.

3) At the XenServer command shell, run 'xe pif-list' to display a list of pifs and see if the related "eth" interfaces are listed as connected=false.

4) Obtain the UUID from the above output and run the following command 'xe pif-plug uuid=<UUID>' (inserting the UUID you have obtained from the above list).  You may find several entries for the above interfaces – try each one until the pif-plug works. This should forcefully re-attach the interface.  Once done, check back in XenCenter and you should see the Ethernet interface correctly reporting as "Connected".