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Citrix System Monitoring Agent Service is stuck "Stopping" or Failing to Run



You notice problems with the EdgeSight agent and/or database reporting, such as:

1)  real time data is not available from the endpoint/agents

2)  the 'citrix system monitoring agent' service is not running, or stuck in a 'stopping' mode

3)  you see the error message in the event log reporting "The Citrix System Monitoring Agent has detected that the database is potentially corrupt. Database maintenance and restart will be attempted."


Potential Solution:

1)  Ensure that your anti-virus solution settings are properly set.   This problem can occur when AV is scanning the local EdgeSight .exe's, log files, or on the EdgeSight servers.

2)  The following Citrix articles may help:


Recommended AV Settings for EdgeSight:


Additional information: