How To Increase Space on an iSCSI XenServer LUN

When increasing the size of iSCSI SR, this change is not reflected by default within XenServer.  To resolve this, follow the procedure outlined here.  I am including one minor change to original article CTX126473 (addition of your host-uuid in step 3):


Note: This procedure does not cover any activities that must be performed on the storage array itself. Consult the storage array documentation for information on modifying the size of a LUN. Also, the LUN size modifications must be completed prior to performing the instructions below. Note also that this example applies to a XenServer iSCSI Storage Repository only.

Note: UUIDs for Master XenServer and target SR can also be found within XenCenter – command line for this is not necessarily required to obtain these.


Identify the SR Universally Unique Identifier (UUID)

#xe sr-list type=lvmoiscsi name-label=<Name of your SR> –minimal


Identify the device this SR is using:

#pvs | grep <UUID from step 1>


Identify the iSCSI target name to rescan:

#xe pbd-param-get uuid=$(xe pbd-list sr-uuid={UUID from step 1} –minimal host-uuid={master UUID}) param-name=device-config param-key=targetIQN


Extract the content of the image

# iscsiadm -m node –targetname < targetIQN from step 3> -R


Update the Physical Volume size:

# pvresize /dev/<device from step 2>


Update the SR size:

#xe sr-scan uuid=<UUID from step 1>





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