How to Save Access Management Console Settings



You have installed the Access Management Console (AMC) on a Citrix server, or a management PC, and wish to save the settings.   By default, you have to reconfigure it each time it's run.


To improve efficiency and minimize per-user configuration, you can modify this behavior. The following steps outline the process required to deliver a preconfigured and discovered console to support personnel such as help desk analysts.

1. On a XenApp server, run mmc.exe (for 64-bit, use mmc /32 so you bring up the 32-bit version if the MMC). Under the File menu, select Add/Remove Snap-in.

2. Within the Add/Remove Snap-in dialog, click Add. Select Citrix Access Management Console and then click Add, Close, and OK.

3. Within the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) tree, expand the Citrix Access Management Console node. The discovery wizard should launch, however if it does not, right-click on the node and select Configure and run discovery.

4. Complete the discovery wizard as applicable, but specify LOCALHOST as the Citrix XenApp Server to discover, if you intend to manage a XenApp farm.

5. Once the discovery wizard has completed, under the File menu within the MMC, select Options. In the Options dialog, under the Console mode dropdown, select User mode – limited access, single window. Leave the rest of the options unchanged and click OK.

6. Save the modified MMC window using the Save As option in the File menu. You can choose any name and location. For example, custom_amc.msc.

7. To deliver your custom Access Management Console to your administrators, copy the MSC file saved in step 6 to your desired XenApp server. Publish the console using the publish application wizard. The command line path should be as follows:

<WINDIR>\System32\mmc.exe “<path>\custom_amc.msc

Where <path> is the location to which you copied the custom_amc.msc file.

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