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EdgeSight Error "Citrix System Monitoring Agent has detected that the database is potentially corrupt. Database maintenance and restart will be attempted."


You see the above error in the Event Viewer logs on the Citrix Server or XenDesktop PC.

Potential Solution:

This error means that for some reason, the database cannot be read, synchronized, or written to.  Quite often this is referring to the inability to write data to the local files located in:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Citrix\System Monitoring\Data

1)  Ensure that your Anti Virus real-time protection has proper EdgeSight exclusions, including all files in the above directory, and services that run within:

C:\Program Files\Citrix\System Monitoring\Agent

See:  https://support.citrix.com/article/ctx111062

2)  In the event of an architecture using XenDesktop and the EdgeSight VDA agents, this error may also be caused by similar exclusions not being made, or working properly, on the EdgeSight Firebird (Agent) server.

3)  Also check the EdgeSight server exclusions.

See:  https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX114906

4)  Check other potential problems such as communication between your EdgeSight agents, servers, ensure there are no network problems.



Citrix System Monitoring Agent Service is stuck "Stopping" or Failing to Run



You notice problems with the EdgeSight agent and/or database reporting, such as:

1)  real time data is not available from the endpoint/agents

2)  the 'citrix system monitoring agent' service is not running, or stuck in a 'stopping' mode

3)  you see the error message in the event log reporting "The Citrix System Monitoring Agent has detected that the database is potentially corrupt. Database maintenance and restart will be attempted."


Potential Solution:

1)  Ensure that your anti-virus solution settings are properly set.   This problem can occur when AV is scanning the local EdgeSight .exe's, log files, or on the EdgeSight servers.

2)  The following Citrix articles may help:


Recommended AV Settings for EdgeSight:




Additional information:




How to Change/Move the SQL Database Location for an EdgeSight 5.x Server


Part 1:

Procedure for Moving the EdgeSight Database


1. On the EdgeSight Web server system, perform the following steps to shut down critical EdgeSight processes:

a. In the Control Panel's Services interface, locate and stop the Citrix RSSH Admin Service.
b. Using the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager tool, stop the EdgeSight Web site.

2. On the current SQL Server system, backup the existing EdgeSight database. This can be done using the SQL Enterprise Manager (SQL Server 2000) or the SQL Server Management Studio (SQL Server 2005). See https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms187048.aspx">Backing Up and Restoring Databases in SQL Server for additional information.

3. On the new SQL Server system, create a new database called EdgeSight. Using the tools in step 2, restore the .bak file to the newly created EdgeSight database.

4. Create the esuser windows logon account within the new SQL Server system. The tools mentioned in Step 2 can be used to accomplish this. This account should be given full dbo rights to EdgeSight database.

5. On the existing EdgeSight Web Server computer, locate the web.cfg file, which is located in the \Program Files\Citrix\System Monitoring\Server\EdgeSight\Pages folder by default. You must edit the SQL connection string used by EdgeSight. To do so:

a. Locate the web.cfg file.
b. Create a copy of this file.
c. Edit the original and locate the <connectionStrings> tag. Edit the tag and enter the name of the new SQL Server system. Look for the Data Source= and Database. For example, if the new server is called MyNewSQLServer and the new database is called NewEdgeSight, then the line would read Data Source=MyNewSQLServer;Database=NewEdgeSight
d. Save the web.cfg file.

6. Navigate to the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\System Monitoring\Server\EdgeSight\4.0\Config

Modify the ZTECH_CONNECTION data value to reflect the same information as in step 5 above.

On 64-bit servers, the registry key is:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW64Node\Citrix\System Monitoring\Server\EdgeSight\4.0\Config

7. Restart the Citrix RSSH Admin Service and run IISRESET from the command prompt.

Note:  This information taken from https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX118977


Part 2:


Procedure for Updating the Reporting Services Database


If you moved the Reporting Services Database to another location, you will also have to perform the following additional steps.

From the EdgeSight Server:

1. Run Report Services Configuration Manager

2. Connect/Log In to your instance

3. Select Database / Change Database

4. Select 'Choose an Existing Report Server Database'

5. Enter proper credentials & complete this wizard

From within EdgeSight:

1. Log into EdgeSight

2. Navigate to Configure Tab / Reporting Services / Report Server

3. Re-enter the password/credentials under 'Data Source Credentials'

4. Save Changes